Istanbul – The Vast Metropolis

There are millennia hidden in this land. Europe and Asia stare at each other across the emerald stream of the Bosporus. Numerous mosques compete for the title of “the most magnificent”. With a population of nearly 15 million, Istanbul stretches over a vast land and is severely jammed with traffic most of the time. It is hard to believe that the decorative tiles once reflected the color of the sky over the Byzantine Empire-Constantinople-Istanbul.

Now the color of the sky is mostly grey due to excessive exhaust emissions from millions of cars and thousands of factories. Energy is the ultimate resource for growth and development; and it is largely fossil fuels that Turkey exports.
Renewable energy and energy saving projects are garnering more attention. But, nevertheless, as an immediate solution to the energy shortage, two nuclear power plants are currently under construction. Cautious citizens show great concern.
Capitalizing on its location, Turkey competes with China for European customers, multiplying production sites where machinery is built. Although Turkey uses more and more advanced manufacturing technologies adopted from Japan and the US, it still has not banned chromates and their equivalents from production processes. There are beautiful skyscrapers here, furnished with energy-saving glass panels, but 90% of the dwellings are fully exposed to the furious heat in the summer.