Dusseldorf – Good Old Innovative Germany

Charming white homes under black roofs, well maintained miniature front and back yards, exclusively German brand autos, a lot of people biking down the streets. Air-conditioning and Wi-Fi are not offered in the hotel. Motion sensors turn on and off the few lights. The room is small and old-fashioned. There is no coffeemaker, iron, hair dryer, toiletries, robe or slippers, even tissues. The TV is smaller than the screen on my computer; and the shower cabin is probably smaller than a standard refrigerator in the US. My window closely faces a neighboring house. The tenants never draw their curtains, day or night. They don’t care if anyone else sees in.
They DO care about recycling and composting, and reusable energy! They have solar panels on the roof, almost all the residential homes do.Germany has invested heavily in solar by introducing feed-in tariffs, providing incentives for both consumers and installers, funding tons of R&D projects in this research area, among other initiatives. Surprisingly, not that many energy saving technologies are presented at the GlassTec tradeshow. Our booth is overflowing with interested parties morning till night. Glass producers, from architectural to automotive industries, are looking for even more initiatives, more innovative products. They actively engage with us about eco-friendly products and the next big innovations.