Beijing – Eye-Opening Congress

The International Congress on Water Resource and the Environment in Beijing has summoned experts from all over the world. Their talks were very disturbing – growing water scarcity, massive biocenose mutations and depletions due to water contaminants, droughts, and so much more. The effects of global warming increase as our population grows.
Water -- a natural resource -- has become a health hazard in many areas of the world as pollution becomes uncontrollable. It looks almost hopeless, and yet humans gather their efforts to battle this issue by revisiting existing practices for water storage and distribution, by reducing the manufacturing footprint on our habitats, by raising community awareness and involvement into controlling and managing polices’ updates. Presenting a coating that can shield water storage and distribution systems from multiple sources of pollution is encouraging – it can be a game changer and therefore has to be continuously promoted across the board – it would be a true contribution to a worldwide movement for better quality of drinking water, as well as food and beverage products.